Ever wanted to drive a train?  Who hasn't!
Learn railway safe working, drive a railcar, diesel, fire a steam locomotive or even drive one.  Not just for the men either!

Every bloke needs a shed - ours is bigger than most
Learn new skills or help preserve old ones, such as boiler making, welding, sheet metal and carriage restoration.

Good with people?
There are jobs that don't involve getting dirty, such as car captains, conductors, ticket and souvenir sales and catering.

Involve the family
Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society has a policy of encouraging families to participate in activities, and many young people are learning that they can make a valuable and enjoyable contribution to the Society, and gain valuable skills and experience.

A great way to spend weekends, holidays or any other spare time
The Society is a friendly group of people with common interests.  After the day's work is completed, there is a chance to socialise over the evening meal.  Accommodation in old railway carriages can be provided at Quorn to complete the experience!
Volunteers also carry out a wide variety of tasks behind the scenes – so you can make an important contribution even if you can’t travel to Quorn or Port Augusta regularly.
We can make use of virtually any skills you may have, and you certainly don’t need to have particular skills already to become involved.

Want more information?
We would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact our Membership Officer.
You can also download our membership application form.