Part 18: Boiler rivetting—November 2001

We commenced installing the foundation ring rivets during mid November. Using Barry Tulloch's squeeze riveter makes this about the easiest part of the rivet replacing process.

A broad gauge 5 ton crane holds up the rivet squeezer. In the background is one of SteamRanger's Red Hen railcars.

After all the effort of drilling and burning out the old corroded rivets, heating new ones up, slipping them in the hole and flicking a ball valve to get a satisfying clunk as the riveter bottoms out is a breeze. We have the riveter hanging on an old broad gauge 5 ton hand operated crane which is barred along a track parallel to the boiler to move from one rivet hole to the next. Height adjustment is by a 1 ton chain hoist hanging on the crane hook.

Bryan and John squeeze a rivet in the foundation ring
A still glowing rivet is squeezed into place