Part 4: January 2001

Engine frames being lifted in to Panorama TAFE after grit-blasting and prime painting, 9 January 2001

Investigations on the frames and boiler

The frame is now safely inside Panorama TAFE campus. The thorough grit blasting has revealed more evidence of a long and very arduous life. Most of the "light" items such as valance angles and running board supports have evidence of cracking, rewelding, cracking, stiffening and rewelding and more cracking! There will be a lot of new, rather than repaired, metal on the loco when it is finished.

The major concern at the moment is the cracking in the bottom of the LH cylinder. This appears to be a poor casting, with evidence of several casting defects, the most notable being blow holes and probable inclusions. Investigations are underway to determine if a successful repair can be done.

The boiler underwent non-destructive testing, involving around 38 gamma ray exposures and a load of ultrasonic and magnetic particle tersting. Immediate results from the ultrasonic and mag particle tests did not show any defects worthy of concern. The photos of the rivetted seams are yet to be developed and analysed.

The tender and leading loco bogies have been stripped of their springs so that they can go for inspection and re-setting. The front tender bogie frame shows the scars of a severe impact incident, with the LH frame bent in interesting shapes.