Past events

The unique Coffee Pot celebrates its 100th Anniversary in 2006, and Pichi Richi Railway will commemorate this event with special events and luncheon special packages.

On Saturday 7 October, the Pichi Richi Explorer and Afghan Express will combine at Woolshed Flat and provide a rare double header back to Quorn—a steam extravaganza!

Depart Port Augusta Railway Station on Saturday July 29 for some wintry yuletide cheer at the Old Willows Brewery Restaurant.  The price includes the train journey and a traditional three course Christmas feast.

Travel to the Quorn show in style this year!

The Afghan Express steam train departs Port Augusta Railway Station on Sunday 10 September at 9.30am, arriving in Quorn at 11.15am.

The Ministry for Magic at the Pichi Richi Railway headquarters calls all Wizards and Witches.  Dress up and join in the fun on the magical Wizards Explorer.

The scheduled luncheon specials have already booked out for July and September, so Pichi Richi have scheduled two further special trips.

  • Coffee Pot Luncheon Special - Saturday 1 October 2005
  • Breakfast Special - Sunday 2 October 2005

In addition, shorter return trips from Port Augusta to Stirling North are available at special prices on Sunday 2 October.

Calling all Wizards and Witches!

Pichi Richi Railway invite budding wizards and witches to dress up and join in the fun on the Wizards Explorer train, departing from the magic platform (at Quorn Railway Station, 3pm). Enjoy decorated carriages, volunteers in costume, and quizzes with prizes for young wizards and witches. Adults $25, Child $15.

Visit Pichi Richi Railway’s Quorn Loco Workshops on Saturday April 23 and Sunday April 24 between 10am and 5pm for two days of fascinating displays, demonstrations, entertainment, food and much more.

This is a special chance for a behind-the-scenes look at the Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society, where visitors can marvel at Pichi Richi Railway’s enormous locomotives and original wooden carriages. Watch demonstrations of the restoration process of these massive engines and delicate carriages. See the demanding work involved in repairing track. Experience the coal and the dust!