The "New Ghan's" staff in front of the "Old Ghan's" NM25 at Quorn station. (Photo: Great Southern Rail)

During the Anzac Day weekend, Pichi Richi Railway welcomed the team and passengers of the "New Ghan" to the "Old Ghan" line as part of the Ghan's ANZAC Tribute Journey. It was a delightful experience for the Ghan passengers, including many veterans, who boarded a specially chartered train hauled by Pichi Richi Railway's NM25: one of the steam locomotives that travelled the original Ghan line.

The historic steam locomotive NM25 probably made the trip to Alice Springs and back more than 300 times before the introduction of diesel locomotives in 1954, and construction of a new standard gauge line to Marree in SA's far north in the 1950s.