SA Life’s Peter Michell enjoys a 'feast for the senses' on board the Austral's luncheon car on the Pichi Richi Explorer. Departing the last Sunday of the month, this is a rolling feast filled with breathtaking sights.

The Austral Luncheon Car departs on the last Sunday of each month on regular Pichi Richi Explorer services. Check out Pete Michell’s visit from a recent episode of Channel 7’s SA Life.

Limited to only 14 luncheon guests you’ll enjoy exclusive access to the first class compartments and spacious dining saloon.

Dramatic and beautiful, you’ll indulge in a three course luncheon served on the train in stunning bush surroundings. So listen out for the conductor’s call, “All Aboard!”.

Bookings for the Austral Luncheon Car must be made direct with the Austral Hotel, Quorn. Phone +61 8 8648 6017 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Update: Unfortunately the Austral Luncheon Car is no longer available.