Members of PRR have created another South Australian first, by being the only heritage railway group to fully restore to operating condition a J. G. Brill Railcar Trailer. This follows five years and 3,800 hours of volunteer effort, and $60,000 of Society funds.

Originally built by the South Australian Railways under licence during 1927-28, the trailer ran on the broad gauge system as car number 219, but has been renumbered 305 for its service on the narrow gauge of PRR. 219 was actually built as a narrow gauge car, but was required on broad gauge duties, and never ran on narrow gauge. It was issued to traffic in 1928, and saw extensive service, and a couple of internal refits, until it was retired in 1969. 219 was then converted for use as an employee's sleeping car for a number of years.

Pichi Richi Railway extends an invitation to all to join the official launch ceremony, commencing at 1:45pm on Saturday 6 October 2001 at the Quorn Railway Station.