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Pichi Richi Railway's track extension to Stirling North was officially opened by the Hon Tim Fischer MP, former Deputy Prime Minister, on 24 October 1999. A special double-headed train from Quorn carried approximately 400 passengers and guests.

The restoration of 16 km of track from Woolshed Flat to Stirling North, three narrow-gauge original Ghan carriages, and the overhaul of steam locomotive W934 were undertaken as part of Stage 1 of Pichi Richi Railway's Development Project. The project was assisted by a $1.35 million Commonwealth Government grant, in the Rail Reform Transition Program.

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This article by Jeremy Browne was originally published in the Spring 1981 edition of Pichi Richi Patter.

Behind our party lay the rotting track from Marree. Callana – Wangianna – Wangianna Bank – WANGIANNA BANK!!! Here the vocal Marree locals had predicted the attempt would founder, and it nearly did. Alberrie Creek – Boopeechie – Lake Eyre. Head wind all the way and a good 40°C by lunchtime. Not enough pre-event training, too much playing up on the train from Port Augusta and too many eggs for breakfast had all contributed to a weary first day, the 101 km being covered at an average of a bare 12.8 km/hour. A superb five course meal by Graham 'Le Chef' Bowes including vintage claret had eased the pain somewhat but with a frighteningly long way to go the team was far from confident that first night.

Just why were these pioneers camped at Curdimurka? Had desert madness taken its deadly grip?