209 at Stirling North on a Pichi Richi Railway train service

South Australian Railways (SAR) carriage 209 was built at about the same time as carriage 207, but was modified several times during its service life. Initially of standard Long Tom design, it had a seating capacity of approximately 50, and two toilets.

The car was modified for use as a mobile hospital car during World War Two, and the toilets were moved from the middle towards one end of the carriage. One of the toilets was replaced with a shower. After the war, it was converted back to a sitting car, but retaining the toilet and shower, and remained largely in that configuration until Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society (PRRPS) acquired it in 1974.

In PRRPS service, the carriage has had the shower removed, and that cubicle converted for use as a refreshment outlet. A hand brake and other equipment has also been fitted to enable it to be used as a Guard's Van.  The seating capacity is now 36, and the car sees regular service as part of the Pichi Richi Explorer consist. In Pichi Richi Railway service carriage 209 has been named Wandana, although it was never named by the SAR.1

1. SAR carriage 174 (not 209) was named Wandana when it was converted to a sleeper/observation car and issued to the SAR's Port Lincoln Division in 1917. Car 174 was a 'Short Tom', although 6 inches wider than other 'Short Toms'. Prior to its acquisition by PRRPS car 209 was never named. Car 209 also has little resemblance to the SAR Wandana in either its external or internal configuration. It is hoped that the Wandana name will be retired by PRRPS during 209's next maintenance to finally correct this inaccuracy and remove this source of confusion.