Have you ever wondered what it takes to light up, prepare and maintain a steam locomotive?

Behind the scenes at Pichi Richi Railway's Quorn workshops, you can visit a hidden world of historic railway treasures in various stages of restoration.

Take a tour of our locomotive and carriage maintenance facilities, view restorations in progress and see our historic rolling-stock collection.

Workshop tours are available by PRIOR ARRANGEMENT at the Flinders Ranges Visitor Information Centre in Quorn Railway Station at $20 per per adult (or $10 per adult if purchased in association with a train ticket).  Tours depend on a Volunteer Guide being available so please enquire in advance. Closed-in footwear must be worn for safety reasons. Tour duration is between 1 and 1.5 hours

Bookings: Flinders Ranges Visitor Information Centre, Quorn Railway Station. Telephone 1800 PRRAIL (1800 777 245) or E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Map showing location of workshops

The video below shows a new tyre having its inner profile machined for our Brill railcar 106 power bogie overhaul, prior to heating and shrink-fitting of the tyre onto the wheel.

This video shows NM25 having the front set of driving wheels removed to service bearings.  The piston rods and retaining bolts are removed and the axle is lowered and removed using the Drop Pit Jack.

The bearings are then removed, old white metal melted out, new white metal recast in the bearing brasses, and the new bearings machined, ready for many more years of service.