Past events

Video courtesy of Ian Heymink and Facebook

Members are invited to travel on the Member's train on 10 August departing Quorn at 15:30 and returning Quorn 23:30.  More information to follow.

John and Jeremy are hosting their 2019 Railfan Weekend on the Pichi Richi Railway. Featuring Yx141 and NM25 there will also be a diesel hauled mixed train, multiple photo stops including night shots. Cost $440 and limited to 50 passengers. Secure your spot with a deposit of $200.  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On March 10, 2019 Pichi Richi Railway marked the end of rail passenger services to Quorn

Pichi Richi Railway captured an unsung event 50 years later, when on March 10 it ran two special trains to mark the end of South Australian Railways’ rail passenger services to Quorn.

Far back in late January 1969, SAR train driver, Len Brewster, entered a stifling hot Quorn station yard, completing the railcar’s 95 mile journey from Terowie – for the very last time.

Driver Brewster turned off the motor of his railcar, grabbed his kit-bag and climbed down from the cab, and so ended SAR’s rail passenger services to this small Flinders Ranges town.

Sunday 2 June 2019 - diary date

After 10 years of rebuilding and almost 2 years of testing, Yx141 will make its public debut and will be turned over to the Locomotive Department of Pichi Richi Railway.

Following the launch, Yx141 will make a return trip from Quorn to Woolshed Flat at 10:30am, followed by shorter Quorn to Summit shuttle trips from 2pm onwards.  A limited number of tickets for the 10.30 am service are available for sale on-line and through the FRVIC. Shuttle service tickets will be available for $10.00 per person (children under 4 are free) on site on the day.

Pichi Pichi Railway ran a special train on Sunday 22 October 2017, to coincide with and mark the centenary of opening of the Trans-Australian Railway from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie. At 9.32pm on Monday, October 22, 1917, the first passenger train set off from Port Augusta for Kalgoorlie. Once the line was open, it was possible to travel by rail from Sydney to Perth, via Quorn.  

Our special train was  steam-hauled by W22. The train departed Quorn at 8:30am, travelled to Port Augusta and returned at 5:00pm.  The consist was all SAR cars – the closest we could get to the 1917 train which ran from Adelaide via Quorn to Port Augusta. Two Port Augusta to Stirling North return Shuttle Services were powered by NM25 and Yx141 was also present and in steam making its first public appearance after restoration.

2017 will be an important year for Pichi Richi Railway, Port Augusta and Quorn.

In 1912, work began on a new railway line between Port Augusta in South Australia and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia.

Stretching across 1693 kilometres of Australia’s driest and most isolated terrain, the Trans-Australian Railway was completed on 17 October 1917, providing a link between the eastern states and Western Australia and helping to give the newly formed Commonwealth a sense of national unity.

Kids Special - Sunday 2 October 2016

Join Mr Conductor and Sally Steam Train for a magical journey aboard the Playtime Express. The fun starts from 9:30am at Quorn station with free craft activities on the platform. At 10am, Sally will couple to the train ready for a 10:30am departure. Using a bit of magic, and a lot of steam power the train will arrive at Playtime Siding for a 45 minute stopover. Mr Conductor and the Station Master have plenty of fun games, stories, singing and dancing, as well as a free ice block for all the children! All too soon it will be time to head back to the real world, arriving back in Quorn at 1pm approx. Fares include a free ice block and an on board entertainment pack for all children. Refreshments available for purchase at Playtime Siding.