Past events

Quorn’s Austral Inn Hotel hits the rails with the Austral Luncheon Train, a rolling feast that departs on the last Sunday of each month. Limited to only 14 luncheon guests, passengers enjoy exclusive access to the first class compartments and dining saloon for a sumptuous 3 course ‘rolling feast’.

State of Steam is the only promotion of its kind in Australia that brings a steam locomotive right into the heart of the city.  Come and see steam locomotive Bagnall on display for four days in Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

Indulge your passion for all things rail!

With heritage steam train journeys, engines in steam, a miniature railway and displays of heritage rolling stock and railway memorabilia—there’s something for everyone!

Indulge your passion for all things rail! There'll be plenty to see and do with engines in steam, a miniature railway, memorabilia displays and a celebration of the T186’s 100 years.

Commemorate ANZAC Day with a ride on the 'Troop Train' hauling heritage vehicles and themed carriages. Enjoy a workshop tour and check out what happens behind the scenes. There'll be restorations in progress, track machinery in operation and much, much more!

Forget driving and celebrate New Year’s Eve with a difference.

With the option to board at either Quorn or Port Augusta you can enjoy a delicious meal at Pichi Richi Park, have dessert in a historic railway building and then cross the road to one of Quorn’s four historic pubs.

Depart Port Augusta Railway Station on Saturday July 26 for some wintry yuletide cheer at the Old Willows Brewery Restaurant.  Price includes the train journey and a traditional three course Christmas feast.

On June 7 the Afghan Express will combine with the Pichi Richi Explorer at Woolshed Flat and provide a rare double header back to Quorn.

Once in Quorn you can join in the chaos and fun of Quorn’s annual picnic races.

The Afghan Express departs Port Augusta at 10.30pm, arriving in Quorn at 12.15pm.

Travel in style from Port Augusta to the annual Quorn Show on Sunday 14 September 2008.  Experience the unique style of a genuine country show with showground rides, horse events, rural cooking and more.

The Afghan Express departs Port Augusta at 9.30am, arriving in Quorn at 11.15am.