Historic Barwell Bull Railcar 106 and trailer (Photo: Maikha Ly)

Season launch 2015

This weekend, why not ride a bull through the Pichi Richi Pass?

Pichi Richi Railway’s 2015 train season kicks off with a journey on Brill Railcar 106, affectionately known as a "Barwell Bull".

Introduced in the 1920s by the government of Premier Barwell, these diesel railcars were cheaper to run than steam trains and soon became common along South Australian country lines.

Not everyone was a fan of the new railcars—especially the distinctive sound of their horn, so different from a steam whistle, and their rough ride. Thanks to the bellow of their horns the Brill railcars soon became widely known as “Barwell’s Bulls”.

From its maiden voyage in 1928 our “Bull” travelled more than 2.2 million kilometres before finally being condemned in 1978. It was finally returned to life in 1990 by the volunteers of the Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society, with the support of The Savings Bank of South Australia (now BankSA).

Ride our “Bull” every weekend in March, and step back in time as you travel from Quorn to Woolshed Flat and return. Daytime and twilight trips available.