Steam up with a double-header train and watch the Flinders Ranges come to life!

On Saturday 8 June two heritage steam engines will meet at Woolshed Flat in the heart of the Pichi Richi Pass, then join together in a 'double-header' to make the historic journey to Quorn—a spectacle that happens just twice each year.

Following some welcome rain, the Southern Flinders Ranges is starting to put on a lush, green winter coat. The timeless and ancient rocky landscape makes a stunning backdrop for two heritage steam trains and right now the early winter light is casting a magical glow over this historic rail line.

The Pichi Richi Railway stands as one of the most historic pieces of railway in the country. Once a vital link in the famous Ghan railway, the Pichi Richi line operates on 40 km of narrow gauge track between Port Augusta and the historic town of Quorn. Built in the 1870s, it meanders past deep rock cuttings, along superb stone wall embankments and spectacular iron bridges.

Visitors can board the Afghan Express from Port Augusta Railway Station at 10.30am for a full day of adventure to Quorn and back. For a shorter trip, hop on the Pichi Richi Explorer departing at 10.30am from the historic Quorn Railway Station. Both trains will meet at Woolshed Flat—halfway between Quorn and Port Augusta—then proceed to Quorn in a ‘double-header’ train complete with heritage carriages.

The Pichi Richi Explorer will also make its legendary journey from Quorn to Woolshed Flat and return on Sunday 9 June and the public holiday Monday 10 June.

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