Part 5: May 2001

PRRPS member Max Sayer supervises the works on dismantling the Cambrai–Apamurra line

One aspect of the project that is not as visible, is the vital task of dismantling the Apamurra to Cambrai broad gauge railway, once part of a branch line from Monarto South (in the Adelaide Hills) to Sedan, 43 miles north.

This operation is being done to supply rail to the crew laying track from Stirling North to Port Augusta. The broad gauge Apamurra to Cambrai section has been disused since the 1980s, and left isolated since the gauge standardisation of the Adelaide to Melbourne railway. Only the Monarto South – Apamurra section of the former Sedan line was standardised, leaving the Apammurra to Cambrai section unusable.

The line was donated to PRRPS by the State Government early in 2001.

Some rail has been found covered with sand drifts, and the tendency for sand to retain moisture, has caused the foot (or bottom) of the rail to become corroded and unusable. Much of the rail is in excellent condition though, and will most likely last for many years to come.

Preparing a clear area to enable loading of a semi-trailer with rail
Loading rail on a semi-trailer, for transporting to the Stirling North – Port Augusta extension works