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This classic article shows how we did it then, and some very dedicated volunteers.

From the Trove of the National Library of Australia

The Australian Women's Weekly 16 May 1979


The last operating engine of its kind in the world, the Pichi Richi Railway’s iconic "Coffee Pot", is building up steam for a return to the rails.

Following a successful test run over Easter, an old favourite is set to return to South Australia’s Pichi Richi Railway within the next 12 months.


Visit Pichi Richi Railway's Second World War page for more information

During WWII, almost 200,000 troops travelled north to Alice Springs on the Central Australia Railway through Quorn.  The Quorn Country Women's Association fed these troops in Quorn, and railwaymen from Quorn helped to transport the troops to defend their country.  Great Southern Rail has run an Anzac Tribute train ... read more - article courtesy of RM Williams OUTBACK magazine

Australia's Rail Revival—read about Australia's steel revolution—Australia's railways are awakening to a new era with new tracks being built and old tracks being modernised. Article courtesy of RM Williams OUTBACK magazine

Season launch 2015

This weekend, why not ride a bull through the Pichi Richi Pass?

Pichi Richi Railway’s 2015 train season kicks off with a journey on Brill Railcar 106, affectionately known as a "Barwell Bull".

Pichi Richi Railway's unique steam railcar, Steam Motor Coach No. 1, known affectionately as the Coffee Pot, is a major step closer to returning to operation after it successfully underwent a steam test today.

Pichi Richi Railway's 40th anniversary celebrations were featured in the Flinders News on 13 August 2014.  Read the article on the Flinders News website