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The major extension and restoration project is about to commence.

Works include the full restoration of former Commonwealth Railways steam locomotive NM25, major earthworks at Stirling North, and extension of the Narrow Gauge line to the dock platform at Port Augusta station. Completion is anticipated for late 2001.

This is stage two of the project. Stage one, including rebuilding the track from Woolshed Flat to Stirling North, and restoration of four former Commonwealth Railways passenger carriages. Detailed information and progress updates are on the Projects page.

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The SA Minister for Tourism announced on 29 May 2000 that Pichi Richi Railway has been allocated $500,000 funding in the 2000-01 State Budget. This will be part of a $1.2M funding package.

This, along with $1.3M previously pledged by the City of Port Augusta together with private sector sponsorship, will be used to complete Stage 2 of the PRR Development Project, once a number of issues have been resolved.

This will see the Pichi Richi Railway extended 7km from its current Stirling North terminus into Port Augusta Railway Station, along with carriage and locomotive restoration and infrastructure works.

The Quorn Stockyard Arena Association and Pichi Richi Railway ran the first Breaker Morant Trail Ride on Saturday 22 April 2000. Horses were loaded into restored cattle wagons which were added to the Afghan Express. Riders travelled by steam train to Stirling North, and then participated in a two-day trail ride back to Quorn, stopping overnight at Woolshed Flat.

Pichi Richi Railway's Afghan Express, introduced in 2000, enables passengers to travel from Quorn to Stirling North by rail for the first time in over 40 years. The journey takes passengers through the whole of the Pichi Richi Pass—including the most spectacular parts not previously experienced on other Pichi Richi Railway services.

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Pichi Richi Railway's track extension to Stirling North was officially opened by the Hon. Tim Fischer MP, former deputy Prime Minister, on 24 October 1999. A special double-headed train from Quorn carried approximately 400 passengers and guests.

The restoration of 16km of track from Woolshed Flat to Stirling North, three narrow-gauge old Ghan carriages, and the overhaul of steam locomotive W934 were undertaken as part of Stage 1 of Pichi Richi Railway's Development Project. The Project was assisted by a $1.35 million Commonwealth Government grant, in the Rail Reform Transition Program.