Part 15: Frames delivered, boiler work continues—August 2001


The most exciting thing to happen recently has been the delivery to Panorama TAFE of the new all welded "super" frame. The new design of frame stiffening can be seen. However, the solid looking plate where the firebox is to go (at the end closer to camera) will be partly removed. That centre was left in to assist in stability during the welding process, and to ensure that the material came to us! The first job is to clean the frame down for painting, most of which is likely to be done by volunteers.

The new main frame is delivered to Panorama


On the same day, the boiler was inverted to prepare it for foundation ring riveting. The new sections of the throat plate and firebox tube plate have to be welded in prior to the riveting, and inverting the boiler will make access to the job far easier, as well as providing for better fume extraction.

Inverting the boiler at Mount Barker

Tender frame

The repaired and prime painted tender frame is delivered to Panorama

The next day, the tender frame arrived at Panorama from the Port Adelaide TAFE, where it was used as a jig for the laying out of the new tank. The stiffening transom plates above each bogie location are currently being riveted back in position. This is providing an opportunity to practice our skills with Barry Tulloch's squeeze riveting machine. Our success score was not too good initially, but the strike rate is improving.

Other activities

Whilst the paid work force has been temporarily reduced due to some budgetry problems associated with level crossing protection devices for the Stirling North to Port Augusta link, work is still progressing, with volunteer assistance still well evident.