The frames have had all parts removed to fully assess the repairs needed.

Part 2: 1990 to 2000

The locomotive sat in the PRR workshops, mainly being used as a talking point for visitors who needed to be impressed with the future possibilities of it running to Port Augusta again.

Progress at last

In mid 2000, funds were granted by the City of Port Augusta to enable the locomotive to be dismantled. This was to provide a more accurate condition assessment and rebuild cost estimate.

The overall rebuild estimate is now in excess of 50 times the boiler estimate of 1973. Just three months later, the funds are now available for the NM25 rebuild, PRR members have given the project the green light and we are about to embark on the great adventure.

The target date for completion is 14 September 2001, just 43 weeks from the green light. Running in trials are then planned to commence, and the train order "Proceed to Port Augusta" will be able to written out for real.

The boiler being removed from the frames, Sept 2000.
The tender is inverted to access the hold-down rivets, Sept 2000.