Part 17: Tender and boiler update—October 2001


The new tender tank arrives from Port Adelaide

Wednesday 7 November, the tender underframe was turned upside up. It had been upside down to facilitate plate riveting and air brake repiping (all brand new) during October. It was then married to its bogies. The tender tank, which was built by staff and students at the Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE Port Adelaide Campus, was delivered via our friendly transport man Robert Johnston (he is the bloke leaning on the truck in the delivery photo). This was placed on blocks on the tender frame to facilitate painting of the tank underside.

Assembling one of the tender bogies


Boiler repairs have progressed to the point where the new section of throat plate is fully installed (except rivets and stays). The new flanged piece of the firebox tube plate, and the lower plain section of the same tube plate have also been welded in. Curently, the smokebox tube plate is being welded in.

It is intended that on Monday 12 November, we will commence the process of installing the new foundation rivets. The squeeze riveter has been delivered to Mount Barker. The riveting process will involve both Pichi Richi Railway people and SteamRanger people. This is partly because the work is being done at the SteamRanger workshops, and also because they also want to gain knowledge of the riveting business.

John Willis welding the smokebox tubeplate in
Front view of throatplate repairs