Part 30: More trials—August 2003

On Tuesday 12 August 2003, NM25 was put through a close to full load trial from Quorn to Port Augusta and return. The load was diesel-electric locomotive NT76 (to provide additional tonnage and backup power if required) and most of the operations SAR consist. Load was around 180 tons. The trial looked like being given a severe work out right from the beginning, with heavy rain falling as the train was marshalled. However, by departure time the rain had stopped, and the whole trial was conducted in overcast but dry conditions. Various delays were caused by lubrication problems, but all were manageable in the field.

The loco appears to be steady on its feet, with little tendency toward slipping, although wet rails may have been a different proposition. It also has a very throaty bark which will enable it to be heard comfortably from the train, and for miles lineside.

The results of the trial are a better understanding of the firing requirements, and a further few jobs to add to the list that has, despite some hiccups, been actually diminishing.