Part 27: Installing boiler and wheels—July–September 2002

The boiler being transferred from Mount Barker to Panorama

Since the last update significant milestones have been achieved, with the boiler being installed on the loco frame in a day of trucks and cranes which attracted quite an audience.

Following that, the majority of effort was concentrated on the driving wheels and axle boxes. Steamranger did the final boring of the axle boxes at their Mt Barker depot. Because of some problems with crown says in their Rx locomotive, our people assisted with the machining of new crown stays for that, to enable their machinist/steam fitter Ron Williams to get on with our axle boxes. In this way both jobs progressed as fast as was possible.

Turning the frames in readiness for the boiler

With some initial trepidation, the crank pins were immersed in liquid nitrogen and installed in the wheels. On the same day, the valve liners were installed using the same cold technology.

The wheely good news is that on 9 October 2002 the driving wheel sets were installed in the frame. The use of four electric jacks hired at very reasonable cost from All Transport Crash Repairs to elevate the frame made the job quite straightforward. With a considerable gallery and workers swarming over the wheel-sets, the scene was probably the busiest "cast of thousands" day on the job so far.

The frames on temporary wheels outside the Panorama workshop
The boiler is gently lowered onto the frames
SteamRanger's Ron Williams boring the axleboxes
Mick Ewer works on marking out the centrelines of the driving wheel axleboxes
John Lyas removes one of the crank pins from the liquid nitrogen
Installing the very cold crank pin
Gordon Byles installing the pivot plate for the pony truck
Kerin working on one of the brake shafts
The front driving wheel set is rolled into position