Part 3: December 2000

The main frame, axle boxes, some pallets of bits, and the cylinder boring machine are planned to leave Quorn in the afternoon of Wednesday 13 December.

The main frame is going to Perry Engineering in Adelaide to be grit blasted and given one coat of prime paint. The remaining parts will go straight to the Panorama Campus of Douglas Mawson Institute, where the majority of work will be undertaken.

Two men are working at Quorn caustic bath cleaning components and palletising them for transport.

After the grit-blasting and painting, the frame will be moved to Panorama with the other parts.

Update: 18 December

The main frame, and the cylinder boring machine together with a couple of pallets of bits arrived in Adelaide the morning of Friday 15 December.

The main frame went to Perry Engineering for grit blasting and initial prime painting (so that it doesn't go rusty again!). Early in the New Year it will move to Panorama for work to commence in earnest.

After some delays with transport, the frame was loaded using the two carriage jacks (on the front buffer beam) and the workshop overhead crane (on the cab end) to elevate it 1400mm into the air. The semi was then carefully backed underneath it on road 6.

For interest, the load cell on the crane taking the frame off the truck in Adelaide indicated the frame weight as 8.5 tonne.

The boiler will be loaded in Quorn on Monday, and be sent to SteamRanger's Mount Barker depot, where the neccessary repairs will be carried out.